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Reasons to Use Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are placed over the tooth, most often used instead of a root canal when there is a cavity or other serious tooth concern. Children and adults both use dental crowns, though they’re more commonly used on children. Perhaps Dental crowns Indianapolis can improve your smile and prevent major oral surgeries. There are many benefits of crowns and numerous reasons to use them for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons below.

·    To stabilize a cracked tooth

·    To protect a weakened tooth, oftentimes caused by decay

Dental crowns Indianapolis

·    To cover a tooth filling

·    To reinforce a tooth before/after a root canal

·    To repair a broken tooth

·    To repair a misshaped tooth

·    To anchor a dental bridge

·    To repair severely discolored teeth

There may be a bit of discomfort when a crown is being placed on the tooth but most people agree that it is not painful. Most dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area during the procedure but other options for pain relief may also be available. Sedation dentistry is also available if it is needed, although it is uncommon for a patient to use this for a dental crown. Once the crown is applied to the tooth, caring for the crown and tooth are important. There is an added risk of decay under the crown so it is vital to properly care for them from the start. Follow all care instructions provided to you by the dental professional.

A dental crown is one dental product that a dentist can use for many purposes, such as those listed above. If your teeth are cracked or other issues stand in the way of good oral health and am amazing smile, consider dental crowns for your needs. Your dentist can tell you more about crowns and answer all your questions.